My Music College Experience – from a recent graduate

March 01 2022

By Nat

This is an insight into my experience when I went to music college. The funny thing about this
story is that I was supposed to go to drama college because I didn’t do anything musically in
school for specific reasons, but I did do drama. I applied for drama college, I auditioned and I
actually got accepted, but then I got an email from my music college, so I thought I’d give it a try
because I apparently applied at some point and I had an interview to get into the college. I went
to see what it was like, I was so sure that I wouldn’t get accepted, because I never did music in
school and I was so sure that I couldn’t do music. Luckily, I went and I showed them my music, I
did a live performance and they accepted me, so I had to decide between them because I was
in love with music but I was good at drama, how was I supposed to make that decision? It was
really hard but I am so happy that I chose to go to music college because I made so many great
friends and it changed my life because I learnt a lot about myself during my time there.

The teachers there were awesome, I met some of my best friends at college, everyone was so
supportive, encouraging and passionate, they made me feel welcome and I was so nervous.
Since I had never done anything like this before, I didn’t know what I was getting into. We were
taught how to make our own music, we were also taught where to look and then it was
songwriting. I was really scared that I wouldn’t be able to write songs because I had never done
it before but it turns out that I loved songwriting, so my college really brought out a side that I
didn’t know I had. I started writing a bunch of songs but I didn’t make beats for them because
making beats was really difficult and I had ready-made beats on youtube for every song.
However, when it came to actually singing, it was scary. We were taught singing lessons
obviously but we were also told to perform in front of the class which was terrifying. I was really
shaky when I first performed, it was terrifying, because you really want people to like your music
and it’s a lot of pressure. It took a while for me to even figure out what I wanted to look like, my
first performance was interesting, I wore a corset, I cut my hair and wore a red wig, it was
embarrassing but when I was up there performing for me it felt really good, scary but good and
people were cheering me so it didn’t really matter how nervous I was.

I started recording my own songs, I wrote so many cringey songs that I performed but it all
helped me figure out who I am and it may have took three years but I learnt a lot, for example I
learnt that I could write spoken word, which was really freeing and I could say a lot more without
limitations with spoken word, it was something I loved doing and I also learnt that I love
performing. No matter what you always feel nervous and jittery when you’re about to perform
because that’s normal, but once you get on the stage that kind of goes away or at least it did for
me because I knew that performing was what I wanted to do. Plus I got to sing with my friends, I even created a band with some of my friends which was a lot of fun and even though it didn’t
last I still learnt so much whilst I was there and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
Believe it or not I found out I could write spoken word at my second year at soundskool, it was a
last minute addition to my set, because when you go to music college you have to do a set for
your music performance test and I chose to do one song with my friend and two spoken word
pieces that I had wrote a week or two before my set. My first spoken word was written by
accident, I was just upset about something, so I started writing my feelings and it turned into my
very first spoken word which led me to writing others and all because I wrote my feelings down.
So my advice to you is to face your fears, go on stage because I promise you it will feel amazing
and try new styles of performing because you’ll never know what you can do until you try. If I
had never gotten on stage or tried to do spoken word, I wouldn’t be the artist I am now and that
would make everything different

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My Music College Experience – from a recent graduate
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Nicola Cortese
Nicola Cortese
I started a course in Jan as a beginner with Thomas and I can already play 5 songs!.. with simple chords :) both Thomas and Fiona are really lovely and they really know how to teach whilst having fun! I'd highly recommend dropping at one of their Thursday's open mic! Tons of fun and talent for free!!!
Jonny Pollard
Jonny Pollard
Very friendly learning environment, was a bit nervous to play with a group having not played socially for many years, but it was super relaxed, and I learnt a lot in the first session. Looking forward to the next session!
Adam J
Adam J
Had a great time tonight! I joined on to the beginners course a couple weeks late, but Fiona was great at running me up to speed before the class. Tom was a great instructor, and managed to get us to cover lots of ground in a short space of time. The group was super freindly and relaxed, and im looking forward to going back next week!
Jakub Špaček
Jakub Špaček
Having played guitar in my past within academic environment I have to say The Guitar Social club opened my eyes with their amazing and vibrant atmosphere with company of great people. Lessons are really fun and easy to follow. Feel really motivate just after few classes and my connection to the instrument greatly improved!
Paula Smith
Paula Smith
Unbelievably great, not kidding.
Marcella Puppini
Marcella Puppini
This exactly what I was hoping it would be. A fun and engaging way of learning a new instrument at a lovely venue, with great people and great teaching. Thoroughly recommended.
Only been going 2 weeks but it's a great environment with good pacing throughout the lessons. The community is quite helpful + open to learn so it's really a great space for anyone wanting to hone their guitar chops!
Kevin S.
Kevin S.
Is it a guitar school? A social events group? A music workshop for all ages and abilities? An open, non-judgemental route to performing? A holiday club that includes jamming on guitars around the campfire? Well–it's all these and more. The Guitar Social is built around founder & lead tutor Thomas (plus TGS Business Director, Fiona, originally one of its earliest students). Patient and passionate, Thomas and his relaxed, friendly temperament get the best from beginners to improvers and beyond. Personally for me, one core strength of The Guitar Social is that Thomas realises what most tutors and courses never do – we can all learn fast and well when we play whole songs together and discover as a group how to make them work. Thomas and TGS guest tutors will always tend to teach music theory for guitar, and focus too on scales, chord voicings, correct rhythm, licks, riffs, parts, soloing etc, but with a tendency to make it about the fun and learning gains when students jam together on great songs instead of staring at a white board and not playing much music. Jamming songs in similar or mixed ability groups helps TGS students become functioning musicians who have built useful real world skills and experience across many sessions similar to how working musicians rehearse and workshop songs. And you will have the opportunity to build live experience too if you wish – solo or with your term group or with others of your choice, in a safe, positive environment, with friendly fellow students as your audience. Never any pressure and just one example of where TGS delivers extra value. They are really worth trying. I haven't even done full justice here to all the different activities they do.
stu smith
stu smith
The coolest club in London!
Colin Taylor
Colin Taylor
I'm back for my second series of the Joy of the Jam. After not playing with others for over 30 years, these sessions are reminding me just how inspiring and enjoyable jamming can be. Thomas leads the sessions with huge enthusiasm and a great deal of humour. The support of his impressive musical knowledge is ever present - but this never gets in the way of our desire just have fun and be playing.

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