Jigsaw challenge

Our proven way of making sure you find the time to practice five times a week. How it works: we write your name on the back of 20 jigsaw pieces. Every time you do five practice sessions we place your five pieces in the jigsaw. Failure to complete the sessions means our jigsaw is incomplete, and you wouldn’t want that, would you? Anyone taking part is invited to bonus classes and events.

The calendar shows a booking for February 28th but we’ll start the challenge before then. Await an email from us to get going

”This absurd, ridiculous and round about the houses way of encouraging practice has boosted my playing loads this month”.

Jon, Bristol


From the Guitar Social Community

The class is run by a group who really understand the principles of learning and the reasons for doing it! Also we are given sensible and realistic targets and outcomes coupled with very helpful practice schedules.
Lindsay, London
The lessons are great fun, the resources are excellent and I’m learning more than ever before. On top of that, there are loads of opportunities to get together and play with other students. Best guitar lessons I’ve ever had.
Stevie, London
Thanks to The Guitar Social , I am living my dream after years of longing to play the guitar but feeling too scared to go for it. I am loving it. The classes are so enjoyable.
Beverley, Birmingham
The Guitar Social is unique, vibrant, edgy, always fun and uplifting. Where else could I get top quality guitar teaching alongside a jam in the park, fun Zoom guitar based games or an inspiring and sociable camping trip.
Helen, Devon