Mid-term party

Date: 8 Oct 2021

Mid-term party

What better way to check in on how our students are progressing than with a party to honour their progress.

We love our end of term parties because it’s a chance for our learners to hang out with their classmates outside of session. But we thought, why wait until the end of term to hang out…..we should be hanging out all the way through

We’ll play a few songs, we’ll check in on how the bands are doing – who’s gone solo, who hogs the best bed on the tour bus and we’ll do all of this over a few beers.

Time and date:
Friday 8th October 7pm

On Vyner
1-5 Vyner street


From the Guitar Social Community

Thanks to The Guitar Social , I am living my dream after years of longing to play the guitar but feeling too scared to go for it. I am loving it. The classes are so enjoyable.
Beverley, Birmingham
The lessons are great fun, the resources are excellent and I’m learning more than ever before. On top of that, there are loads of opportunities to get together and play with other students. Best guitar lessons I’ve ever had.
Stevie, London
The Guitar Social is unique, vibrant, edgy, always fun and uplifting. Where else could I get top quality guitar teaching alongside a jam in the park, fun Zoom guitar based games or an inspiring and sociable camping trip.
Helen, Devon
The class is run by a group who really understand the principles of learning and the reasons for doing it! Also we are given sensible and realistic targets and outcomes coupled with very helpful practice schedules.
Lindsay, London