Iceland, November 2023

Cave mining, glacier hiking and staring in awe at the magical multi-coloured Northern Lights show

Date: 10 Nov 2023

The Guitar Social is heading North, like, really, really, North. That’s right folks, we’re off to Iceland. Known for its outstanding natural beauty, that film with Will Ferell, and a unique music scene fostered across a handful of intimate but iconic music venues, this is a chance for the adventurer with a passion for melody and awe inspiring natural beauty with weekend free in mid November, to connect with people that just love music in a packed out weekend to leave you breathless, inspired and with one more item removed off of that bucket list. 

We leave London on the 10th of November and return on the 13th. Prices start at £550.

The itinerary

Friday 10th of November 

Leave London Luton at 7.15am, arriving in Reykjavik at 10.25pm. Picked up from the airport  at 11.20am. 

1pm Workshop 1

Icelandic Folk music delivered at the accommodation and served up with a traditional icelandic lunch. 

3pm Live music 

We leave the accommodation to head to the legendary Hús Máls og Menninga for some early afternoon live music. 

5pm Prikio Kaffihus

Drinks, music, and an interior not touched since the 1960’s offering up a timeless atmosphere to root you and your road buddies firmly in the heart of this majestic country. 

7pm Dinner

Dinner at Laugavegur, a bookshop combined with a live music venue, for those that are hungry, and like to read. 

9pm Cocktails 

Rooftop drinks at Edition Bar (bring your hat and gloves) for unrivaled views of Reykjavik. 

10.30pm Dancing, or home

Some may wish to return home at this stage and light the fire or jump in the hot tub,  but others may wish to join me at Kiki NightClub where we can dance until we feel warm again. 

Saturday 11th of November 

10am Breakfast

Kelnia,  a wholesome Icelandic traditional breakfast and served up by Thomas, from Bradofrd, West Yorkshire. 

11am -12.30pm Workshop 2

Music from Iceland, today. 

2pm Culture Vulturing at Mengi

Created and managed by a group of local artists, Mengi is an all-encompassing project that includes an art gallery, live-music venue and its own record label. 

4pm Architecture and faith at Hallgrímskirkja

A monument that could only exist in somewhere like Iceland, this architectural other worldly wonder is a must see, and made all the better for its 8th floor view of the nearby harbor.  

5.30pm Dinner 

We have reservations at  Islenski Barinn, Reykjavik, a top spot to get some authentic local food. 

7pm Keeping it local

We’re heading to Koffin bar to rest and get ready for one of the greatest light shows in the world, because later we’re off to… 

9pm-12.30am, Northern Lights tour

The big one, we’re off to see the Northern lights. This 3 hour late night bus trip is a once in a life time experience so bring your best camera and practice your ‘ooohhhhhhs’ ‘ooooooooos’ and ‘ahhhhhhhhs’ before boarding. 

Sunday 12th of November 

9am Breakfast

Overnight oats, served with love, from Thomas, from Bradford, West Yorkshire. 

9.30-11am Workshop 3

The legacy of Icelandic music across Europe and America. 

12pm The six hour Golden Circle Tour 

Get into the history of Iceland at Thingvellir National Park, witness the powerful beauty of a multi-tiered waterfall at Gullfoss and walk among bubbling geothermal pools at Geysir Geothermal Area across a six hour excursion that offers up the best of what Iceland has to offer. 

7pm Dinner 

We’re eating at Old Iceland, a family run laid back place famous for keeping it real while blending old school ideas with fine dining

9pm, Party at the house 

Did I mention the accommodation has a hot tub? We’ll be using this and the open fire to enjoy the accommodation with an inhouse jam and open mic. 

Monday 13th of November 

Pack up, tell your folks you survived, we’re going home. Breakfast consists of whatever we have left, served during the Weekends Awards, where we celebrate each person on the trip and the thing that they did that was awesome. Nobody leaves empty handed. 

We get picked up for the airport at 8.30am. 

Sleeping arrangements

In true Guitar Social style we are sticking together and living amongst each other in a huge apartment. We only ever book the very best of what is available and can house a large a group. 

All rooms are shared but you will be housed with careful consideration taken to your needs and gender.


Bedroom 1, Bunk bed, reserved for female bookings

Bunk 1 £650

Bunk 2 £650

Bedroom 2 Two singles, 1 bunk. 

Bed 1 £625

Bed 2 £625

Bunk 1 £550

Bunk 2 £550

Bedroom 4 

1 Double, four singles. 

Double 1 £625

Single 1 £600

Single 2 £600

Single 3 £600

Single 4 £600

Bedroom 5  (living room) three singles reserved for female bookings. This room will be vacated after 11.30pm. 

Single 1 £640

Single 2 £640

Single 3 £640

Utilities and bathrooms

We have four bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, hottub, open fire, terrace, towels and plenty of private space for alone time. 

Want your own space? 

It is possible for one person to book an entire room, but that individual will pay the price for all separate beds in that room. 

What’s included in the price

Northern Lights tour, Golden Circle Tour, three breakfasts, one lunch, one dinner at the Sunday night party, incredible accommodation,  airport transfers for people on the suggested flights, 4  workshops and one facilitated open mic/party totalling 8 hours of guitar tuition, reservations and guest lists at numerous spots throughout the trip. 

What’s not included in the price

Flights, dinner out, drinks out, inhouse alcohol, any entry fees we encounter. 

Doing your own thing

You don’t have to be involved in every aspect of the itinerary and many people opt to do their own thing, however, this doesn’t lower the price. 


Departure: Easy Jet flight U22643 at 07.15am from London Luton on Friday 10th of November 

Return : Easy Jet flight Wizzair flight UKW94498 from Reykjavic at 11.10am on Monday 13th of November

These are suggested flights only. You can get there any way you wish, however, transfers will only be paid for for people arriving and departing and returning on these flights. 

The Guitar Social’s Liability 

TGS retreats only facilitates this trip. Thomas, his partners, or any associated company, are not responsible for delayed or canceled flights, health issues, insurance for personal belongings, medical insurance or any injury sustained on this trip.


Please check your availability before booking. Refunds on this particular trip are not available. Do not book unless you know you can attend. The Guitar Social kindly asks that you do not attempt to sell your ticket at a lower or inflated price than the price you paid. Your ticket is your ticket alone. 

Last minute drop outs (seven days before we leave)

TGS Retreats will do all it can to sell your place and should we do so successfully, money will be sent back to you, however, money back can not be guaranteed. 

Weather and politics

Should we not be able to fly owing to weather or political circumstances, The Guitar Social will not be able to offer a full refund for this trip. However, an assessment will be made depending on the circumstances and some money may be returned, but this is not guaranteed. 

Your host

Thomas is on duty for all of the times listed in the above itinerary, but may not be available in gaps in the schedule or after the last event of the day. Late night trips home are your responsibility. 

Getting about

Iceland doesn’t have Uber or other such apps.  This means that we are traveling using public transport. Public transport is very good, and all journeys from the accommodation to itinerary destinations have been checked, however, should public transport fail, The Guitar Social and TGS retreats hold no responsibility nor is liable for refunds on paid for excursions. 

Who typically attends

TGS Retreats are attended mainly by people that have done workshops with The Guitar Social in London. However, we do also get international bookings from people that Thomas, TGS Retreats or The Guitar Social has not met yet. These bookings are made after a zoom meeting and a suitability assessment. All attendees are asked to provide ID, addresses and contact information. The Guitar Social and TGS Retreats never has, but retains the right to ask any person on a retreat to leave, without refund, should that person not be suitable for that retreat. 

How to book 

To take your place, email Rachael is on hand to take care of all booking enquiries and works with Thomas to ensure room shares are matched appropriately. 

A final word on the website listing

This trip is listed at a higher price and for a longer duration on The Guitar Social’s website. This is a technical error and will be resolved soon. 

From the Guitar Social Community

Thanks to The Guitar Social , I am living my dream after years of longing to play the guitar but feeling too scared to go for it. I am loving it. The classes are so enjoyable.
Beverley, Birmingham
The class is run by a group who really understand the principles of learning and the reasons for doing it! Also we are given sensible and realistic targets and outcomes coupled with very helpful practice schedules.
Lindsay, London
The Guitar Social is unique, vibrant, edgy, always fun and uplifting. Where else could I get top quality guitar teaching alongside a jam in the park, fun Zoom guitar based games or an inspiring and sociable camping trip.
Helen, Devon
The lessons are great fun, the resources are excellent and I’m learning more than ever before. On top of that, there are loads of opportunities to get together and play with other students. Best guitar lessons I’ve ever had.
Stevie, London
Nicola Cortese
Nicola Cortese
I started a course in Jan as a beginner with Thomas and I can already play 5 songs!.. with simple chords :) both Thomas and Fiona are really lovely and they really know how to teach whilst having fun! I'd highly recommend dropping at one of their Thursday's open mic! Tons of fun and talent for free!!!
Jonny Pollard
Jonny Pollard
Very friendly learning environment, was a bit nervous to play with a group having not played socially for many years, but it was super relaxed, and I learnt a lot in the first session. Looking forward to the next session!
Adam J
Adam J
Had a great time tonight! I joined on to the beginners course a couple weeks late, but Fiona was great at running me up to speed before the class. Tom was a great instructor, and managed to get us to cover lots of ground in a short space of time. The group was super freindly and relaxed, and im looking forward to going back next week!
Jakub Špaček
Jakub Špaček
Having played guitar in my past within academic environment I have to say The Guitar Social club opened my eyes with their amazing and vibrant atmosphere with company of great people. Lessons are really fun and easy to follow. Feel really motivate just after few classes and my connection to the instrument greatly improved!
Paula Smith
Paula Smith
Unbelievably great, not kidding.
Marcella Puppini
Marcella Puppini
This exactly what I was hoping it would be. A fun and engaging way of learning a new instrument at a lovely venue, with great people and great teaching. Thoroughly recommended.
Only been going 2 weeks but it's a great environment with good pacing throughout the lessons. The community is quite helpful + open to learn so it's really a great space for anyone wanting to hone their guitar chops!
Kevin S.
Kevin S.
Is it a guitar school? A social events group? A music workshop for all ages and abilities? An open, non-judgemental route to performing? A holiday club that includes jamming on guitars around the campfire? Well–it's all these and more. The Guitar Social is built around founder & lead tutor Thomas (plus TGS Business Director, Fiona, originally one of its earliest students). Patient and passionate, Thomas and his relaxed, friendly temperament get the best from beginners to improvers and beyond. Personally for me, one core strength of The Guitar Social is that Thomas realises what most tutors and courses never do – we can all learn fast and well when we play whole songs together and discover as a group how to make them work. Thomas and TGS guest tutors will always tend to teach music theory for guitar, and focus too on scales, chord voicings, correct rhythm, licks, riffs, parts, soloing etc, but with a tendency to make it about the fun and learning gains when students jam together on great songs instead of staring at a white board and not playing much music. Jamming songs in similar or mixed ability groups helps TGS students become functioning musicians who have built useful real world skills and experience across many sessions similar to how working musicians rehearse and workshop songs. And you will have the opportunity to build live experience too if you wish – solo or with your term group or with others of your choice, in a safe, positive environment, with friendly fellow students as your audience. Never any pressure and just one example of where TGS delivers extra value. They are really worth trying. I haven't even done full justice here to all the different activities they do.
stu smith
stu smith
The coolest club in London!
Colin Taylor
Colin Taylor
I'm back for my second series of the Joy of the Jam. After not playing with others for over 30 years, these sessions are reminding me just how inspiring and enjoyable jamming can be. Thomas leads the sessions with huge enthusiasm and a great deal of humour. The support of his impressive musical knowledge is ever present - but this never gets in the way of our desire just have fun and be playing.

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