Questions people ask

Online or offline? Normally offline and very much face to face...but not too much in your face unless you want that. We've temporarily gone online for reasons I don't need to spell out but we're very much running courses and events as normal. The only difference is shoes have been swapped for slippers. 


Acoustic, electric or bass? We don't discriminate by amount of air inside or the number of strings on it.  If bringing an electric or bass you'll need to bring your own amp and cable​ and if bringing bass you're best going through the dedicated bass course.

What if I miss a session? Every term we sell out our courses so sessions can't be transferred but you'll be given a Google Drive folder where we post videos from the session so you won't miss anything. This also means we won't accept any dog ate my homework excuses for not getting the practice in after a missed session. Dog put my computer down the loo will be accepted

How do I find the class? This is relevant for when we are face to face again....We're not always in the same location every class and to keep you on your toes in preparation for a future as a rockstar, our venues can change last minute so check our Twitter page a few hours before your session for up to date venue information. (you don't need to be on Twitter to view it)

How many people in a class?  2 sharer buckets from KFC when you host your practice jam outside of class...... About 10 - enough to get a good jam going, not too many to ensure you won't get individual attention

What do I need to bring? A guitar,  capo, tuner and a pen. Sometimes your resources will be emailed to you ahead of the session for printing, sometimes they will be bought to session for you. I am a bipedal man with only the London transport network to get me to class, therefore I can't lend you a guitar but I can offer you advice on what to get. 

What are my practice materials? The song sheets sent to you before class or given to you in class, videos made in class and added to your Google Drive folder, notes you make in class on the worksheets and photocopies of Barry's notes. Barry always takes the best notes. 

How much does it cost? Initially £105 to book an 8 week course (some costs do vary) with the rest paid after week 4. The final cost is £209 for professional tutoring  in class, help throughout the week and practice resources. On top of that is the social events and performance opportunities along the way. If you book onto a course we throw in some extra workshops for free - see below for that


I like free stuff (don't we all!) What can I get for free? Songwriting, live performance support and theory workshops for anyone booked onto a course. We realise that there is so much more to playing guitar than knowing how to strum the chords and knowing some scales. It's a holistic learning approach to turn you into Slash or Joni Mitchell or Simon from Blue...whatever you want from learning guitar, these extra workshops will help you get there. But it's not just about learning this stuff you say, I need to apply it now. You're right, and that's why we offer....


Social events and performance opportunities. What are they about? As the unimaginative name suggests we offer guitar classes and the opportunity to socialise with other guitarists. Every course ends with an end of term performance and along the way if you take out membership from £2.50 a month you have access to our social events and live lounge events. The best way to keep playing is to play with other people (that's why we're not on YouTube). Our social events are the perfect place to meet other musicians to play with. Its networking, but not the kind that makes you hide in the toilet for 40 minutes. 

Am I too XXX (insert your question here) to learn guitar?  No

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