Beginners one day workshop

A one day workshop taking you from 'what is a fret?' to 'sure I'll jam with problem!'. Including lunch, drinks and a guitar

Date: 5 Jun 2021 Date: 10 Jul 2021

Price: £110

Beginners one day guitar workshop

On this one day workshop you’ll go from having never played a chord to being able to play more than 20 chords from memory and at least 4 different songs.

Over the course of 4.5 hours we’ll teach you:

  • Open chords in the key of C (C, Dm, Em, F(maj7), G, Am)
  • 7th chords (A7, D7, E7)
  • Chord inversions (Am, Bm, Cm, Dm, Em, Fm, Gm, A, B, C, D, E, F, G)
  • Note names on the 6th and 1st string
  • 2 riffs
  • Tab reading
  • Finger exercises
  • Fingerpicking
  • Blues 12 bar
  • 4 different strumming rhythms
  • At least 4 songs that apply these chords, riffs and rhythms

You’ll also learn how to jam. We teach in groups because ultimately we want you to be able to feel confident jamming with other people. We teach you how to break the songs down into different parts so that they sound really cool.

Once you’ve learnt how to jam you’re ready to come to any Guitar Social event to jam along with the rest of us. In fact, why not stick around that evening in our bar for our live music event at Vyner. We always open with a nice easy jam

What’s included in the (£110) price?
– 4.5 hours of tuition with small breaks to rest your fingers.
– Lunch (toastie)
– 2 drinks from our bar

What’s included in the (£190) price?
– Everything you see above plus an acoustic guitar worth £139 and gig bag

Is it a good guitar?
Yes. I can personally vouch for this make and model (Epiphone) because it’s the one I learnt on and I’ve recommended it to many students since.

Can I bring my own guitar? Acoustic or electric?
Yes you can and either acoustic, classical or electric is absolutely fine

What happens after my one day workshop?
We will be starting a ten week beginners course on Sunday 30th May at 11am. If you want to join this course we can offer it to you at 50% off (totalling £125) with you starting on the 13th June. Weeks one and two will cover what you have already learn. The following 8 weeks will re-visit some of what you’ve learnt and more will be added. Just get in touch with us if you want to join the beginners course after your workshop

What should I already know?
 Nothing. You’re coming in fresh. Or you may know a few chords already but need some structure adding to your learning. Get in touch if you’re not sure if this is right for you.

When is it?
Saturday 5th June 10am – 2.30pm
OR Saturday 10th July 10am – 2.30pm

Where is it held?
From The Guitar Social Headquarters (our venue is now called Vyner)
1-5 Vyner Street
Bethnal Green
E2 9DG

You can reach On Vyner by walking 8 minutes up from Bethnal Green underground station (Central line), by walking 2 minutes from Cambridge Heath Overground station (Orange line) or by driving. Parking is free on Vyner street after 5.50pm weekdays and all day over the weekend

How do I book?
There are two calendars below. One for workshop without guitar and one for the workshop with the guitar. Scroll down to which ever option you want then scroll across in the calendar to June or July to select your workshop date

Scroll to June or July in the calendar below to book. Make sure you have the calendar that matches your payment option

£110 – No guitar option


£190 – Guitar and gig bag option


From the Guitar Social Community

Thanks to The Guitar Social , I am living my dream after years of longing to play the guitar but feeling too scared to go for it. I am loving it. The classes are so enjoyable.
Beverley, Birmingham
The Guitar Social is unique, vibrant, edgy, always fun and uplifting. Where else could I get top quality guitar teaching alongside a jam in the park, fun Zoom guitar based games or an inspiring and sociable camping trip.
Helen, Devon
The lessons are great fun, the resources are excellent and I’m learning more than ever before. On top of that, there are loads of opportunities to get together and play with other students. Best guitar lessons I’ve ever had.
Stevie, London
The class is run by a group who really understand the principles of learning and the reasons for doing it! Also we are given sensible and realistic targets and outcomes coupled with very helpful practice schedules.
Lindsay, London