Live Lounge support room: online workshop

The Guitar Social now costs just £20 a month. For that you get four classes, access to hours of tutorial videos, regular events and access to London's busiest musical community. We’re so cheap that at the minute we’re making Pot Noodles look like Oysters so slurp us up, rock star!

Date: 19 Nov 2020 Date: 3 Dec 2020

Price: £20

Live Lounge is our monthly performance event where we welcome everyone to share a song whether they’ve been playing for a long time of just a couple of weeks.

One of the underpinning ideas behind The Guitar Social is that if you have a song that you want to share, then you should share it. 
For some people though, sharing songs in public summons a level of fear usually reserved for going to see the bum doctor. If this applies to you-then Live Lounge Support Room is for you. It’s a place where you can learn tips to combat stage fright, and also learn how your voice is valid and how you should compare yourself to no one. 
Live Lounge Support Room is much loved by many and has taken people of all ages from the bedroom to the stage. This comes with a big recommendation for anyone looking to share some music, in whatever context. 

For now all of our workshops are online. Once you’ve booked we’ll send you a payment link. Four weeks with The Guitar Social now just costs £20, and that £20 means that you can book as many courses and attend as many events with us as you like. It’s  a one ticket price for multiple access, so if there’s other courses you’d like to book, go ahead and do it. You pay just £20 for everything—that’s our lockdown price and applies up to March 2021.

19th November at 7pm and 3rd December at 7pm

Please register your interest by filling in the booking form below, and also this form so we can learn a bit more about your playing history and aspirations. You don’t need to have played at all before to join


From the Guitar Social Community

The Guitar Social is unique, vibrant, edgy, always fun and uplifting. Where else could I get top quality guitar teaching alongside a jam in the park, fun Zoom guitar based games or an inspiring and sociable camping trip.
Helen, Devon
The class is run by a group who really understand the principles of learning and the reasons for doing it! Also we are given sensible and realistic targets and outcomes coupled with very helpful practice schedules.
Lindsay, London
Thanks to The Guitar Social , I am living my dream after years of longing to play the guitar but feeling too scared to go for it. I am loving it. The classes are so enjoyable.
Beverley, Birmingham
The lessons are great fun, the resources are excellent and I’m learning more than ever before. On top of that, there are loads of opportunities to get together and play with other students. Best guitar lessons I’ve ever had.
Stevie, London