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Learn how to play guitar in our Beginners Academy lessons in East and Central London

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Do I have to be able to play anything at all to join the Beginners Academy?

No. The only requirement we ask is that you consider yourself a beginner when it comes to guitar. And preferably that you like at least some of the music that’s ever been written.

How do I know if I am a beginner?

If you’ve never held a guitar in your own two hands, then you’re a beginner. If you’ve held a guitar and perhaps tried to play one or two chords, then you’re also a beginner. If you played one or two songs on guitar, but that was twenty years ago, and you can no longer remember which way up the instrument goes, then you can also join the Beginners Academy. However, if you have forgotten three of the notes in ‘Stairway to Heaven’ but can otherwise play it flawlessly, then you might want to look at some other options with us. Such as the Stair Way to Heaven players rehabilitation centre.

What actually is the Beginners Academy?

The Guitar Social’s Beginners Academy is the best guitar course in London. We’ve taught thousands of beginners across the city and taken them from nervous players to knowledgeable and confident performers in the space of eight weeks. The core component of our Academy is that it is a group course. That means you get to learn alongside other beginners, make friends, compare your newly developing callouses, and maybe even form the next big band together. The one the world has been waiting for.

What’s it like to do the Beginners Academy then?

Well, it’s fun, obviously! There are eight weekly hour-and-a-half sessions focussed on learning to play the music you want to play and maybe discovering some things you’d never thought of before. Our beginners make boundless improvements in their playing, in terms of theory knowledge, physical dexterity, and the confidence to play their favourite music.

Alright – the course does sound pretty exciting. What other benefits do you get from taking part in the course?

Loads of resources to learn from at home, access to other specific interest workshops such as songwriting, access to exclusive learners-only events at our venue where you can meet other musicians at different stages of their playing journey, and the course culminates in a chance to perform in front of a crowd of about seventy people. Only if you want to, though.

Do any of the past beginners have anything to share about their experience of doing the Beginners Academy?

Yes, it’s about time we heard from them.

“I had noticed Guitar Social’s for a while on Meet-Up and finally made the jump . And what a blast! As a beginner, Thomas and Fiona make playing guitar very easy and straightforward. We played a few songs by the end of the first class, and 8 weeks forward some student are already on stage at the evening events thrown by TGS! Having the best time learning new skills and meeting new friends. I highly recommend!”


“Loads of energy and spirit and fun – great value and sense of community. Plus I’m really improving on the guitar finally! Thank you!”


“A very inclusive diverse community that made me feel a part of it instantly. The learning pace is tailored to your level of guitar playing, and you get tons of resources and learning materials to ensure you stick to practice. There is also a great opportunity to develop confidence and skills playing to the guitar social community.”


Real world jams, musical experiences, adventure and connection. These are the founding principles of The Guitar Social.


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