How It Works

Real Life Jams

When Hendrix first picked up a guitar, when Richards first struck a chord, they didn’t do it so they could play in their bedroom forever. They wanted to share their music and collaborate and connect with the wider world. This is why we host jam events and get our learners playing together on a regular basis. One day back in the 60s Paul met John. Today maybe you’ll meet your Ringo. We believe magic happens when people connect, so some of your learning is online, some of your learning is face to face but your application is in the real world.

Holidays and Events

The best people to hang out with are guitar players. They’re the bestest of the best and now you’ll have a lot of them as your besties. 

​We do the loads of events. Holidays, bar crawls, gig nights, quizzes, movie clubs, history tours, all of them designed to make the journey more enjoyable,  more engaging and to place in your path the same adventures that were enjoyed by your musical heroes.


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