Our venues

St Elmo’s – 26 Caledonian Road, Islington, N1 9DT

Music Box. Unit 57 Containerville – 38-40 The Oval, Cambridge Heath, E2 9DT

St Elmo’s

We built our venue/bar/music hub with the TV series Cheers in mind. If you haven’t seen Cheers, it’s about a subterranean bar where everyone knows your name. A home away from home. We wanted to create something like that. A hidden spot in Central London where everyone knows who you are. Where you can hide away from the chaos of London life and meet new people, talk music, listen to music, be immersed in music. 

We also now in the process of turning our basement into a fully soundproofed and fully decked out rehearsal and recording studio.

On any given day you can come down and find music in the air and people who are glad to see you. 

Our venue was built with our members in mind and we like to think of it as a home away from home for the many people that walk through the door every day. 

St Elmo’s is just a 2 minute walk from Kings Cross station and would love to see you there. Come and find us at St Elmo’s: 26 Caledonian Road, Islington, N1 9DT.

Music Workshops on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings

Events on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening


So new it doesn’t have a name or container number yet, but when it does, iit will feel as much a home as our St Elmo’s.

Overlooking the canal between Tower Hamlets and Hackney is the latest Guitar Social venue which houses the East London classes. Check back here to see how the move progresses and the coll additional plans we have for the space.

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