We won! By gum we won! We are officially The best Guitar Tuition business in London

February 15 2022

Ever heard of the Business Excellence awards? If not the name pretty much spells out what they are. 

Awarded By Acquisition International, these awards celebrate the people and businesses that have managed to battle through this particularly challenging period that we’ve all just lived through. It highlights the businesses that through it all have managed to persevere and even grow during the pandemic. 

The Pandemic has not been an easy time for The Guitar Social by any means. We literally have in our name the very thing that was outlawed during the pandemic. It’s almost impossible to say the word ‘social’ without thinking of the word ‘distancing’ straight after.

Yet, we persevered and grew. We adapted our business model during the worst of the lockdowns and when we came out of lockdown we managed to secure a venue, put on fantastic classes and events while keeping within the social distancing laws and regulations. 

We felt like we were swimming uphill through most of it so it really is with humble delight that we accept this award from Acquisition International. 

Less humbly, we can’t say we don’t feel we deserve it, because we do. We are the best guitar tuition service in London, in fact, we think we’re the best in the world, but that award will come later we’re sure. 

Here’s why we think we deserved to win:

We recognise that learning guitar is a holistic process that goes way beyond just imparting information. It’s about the friendships formed, the confidence it brings and the fun that is had along the way

We put on free events that mean no one will ever have to spend a weekend alone

We provide free workshops that help musicians gain confidence in loads of different musical areas

We care about each individual learner. We know your name, you have our number, if you have a guitar or musical goal, we will go out of our way to make it happen

We’re growing, but everyone who comes through our doors will be made to feel like the most important person in the room. And that’s because they are

We can’t wait to see what the next 12 months will bring and which other awards we can win. 

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