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August 02 2021

We have 3 open vacancies to come and work with us for up to 25 hours a week over 6 months.

We’re recruiting through a Government programme called Kickstart which helps young, unemployed people find work so you need to meet the following eligibility criteria to apply: 

  • You must be a Universal Credit customer to apply (this will be verified) 
  • Must be aged between 16-24 

Please note this is a 6 month placement at 25 hours a week, with the opportunity to come on full time after the 6 month’s is up based on a number of factors.

Start date: Immediate

Available jobs: Barista and Bar staff

Why the jobs are important and what we are trying to achieve: Our coffee shop and bar is a new business, working hard to establish itself with the local community. We need to serve good coffee, food and drinks while providing a welcoming environment. We want everyone who comes through our doors to have a great coffee and to feel welcomed.

What the working environment is like: Very friendly, always with music playing! You’ll get to know the locals and our members and we encourage taking time out of pouring a coffee or a beer to chat to them

What qualities we’re looking for:
– You’re self motivated – if you finish one job you don’t need to wait for instructions for what to do next.
– You’re a people person – you can’t wait to get to know our Guitar Social students and members of the pubilc
– You’re flexible – There are always new things happening at The Guitar Social that we want you to want to get involved with.
– You love music and love talking about it

What the role involves:
– Making coffee (e.g. latte, cappuccino etc)
– Making sandwiches, salads
– Cleaning the coffee area and light cleaning of the café
– Collecting food supplies from local shops
– Food stock management (with help from the director)

What the role involves:
– Bar service – pouring pints, serving bottles, making cocktails
– Making sandwiches, salads
– Cleaning the bar area and light cleaning of the café
– Collecting food supplies from local shops
– Food and drink stock management (with help from the director)

Get in touch for more details or head here to apply

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